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Elite - Toreen

Elite - Toreen

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I've created an Elite package for you that will include all of your services for the remainder of 2024.

THAT'S RIGHT!  You will be locked in with me for the rest of the year with no worries about who is going to do your hair or when!
This package is the solution to the problem!  
With the package everything will be paid up front.  This will lock you in for the rest of the year and give me the peace of mind to focus on the 
PWC Bereavement Coalition in my "free time."
This Elite package is also TOP SECRET so please don't mention it to anyone to avoid hurt feelings.
This offer will be available until JULY,1 2024.  After that I will settle down with the Elites that locked themselves in and officially begin my retirement countdown!
As always, thank you for your continued support over the years!
Moving forward as an ELITE your products, services and correspondence will come from Primmeux. (With the exception of appointment confirmations).
Here is  your personal link to:
- Locking in your hair care needs for the rest of the year 
- Our continued dates, to bond, share experience and encourage one another.

With this package of your ALL hair services will be:

With this package ALL of your hair services will be:

  • Performed by Tanishia
  • On Friday
  • Covered until 12/31/24


  • Installations (Three)
  • Hair Included (Deep Curly/December)
  • Color wig back to black
  • Rejuvenations (Three)
  • Deep Conditions
  • Trims
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